Should I update/updgrade/stay?

Brian Somers brian at
Tue Jun 1 12:41:19 BST 2004

On Tue, 01 Jun 2004 10:52:34 +0100, Grant <orbman at> wrote:
> hey all!
> update...
> I got ports to update... and i told it to upgrade what is installed... 
> *most* of it upgraded without any problems, but i have noticed a 
> problem, once i upgraded the ports "portupgrade" disappeared and wouldnt 
> work, so i went and did a make install again, but it told me it was 
> allready installed, which it was before the upgrade.
> so it told me to do a make deinstall or a make reinstall, the reinstall 
> didnt work, so i had to deinstall then make install, is this normal for 
> a port update/upgrade? i also had to do it for expat for apache to 
> upgrade, is there a way i can make it more automated?
> but most of the packages upgraded perfect, the command i used was 
> "portupgrade -arR" which was meant to satisfy the dependancys? or have i 
> got the wrong option?

Have a look in /usr/ports/UPDATING - it's got the instructions.  It's always
worth looking that this file before doing any port updating - same as with
/usr/src/UPDATING before updating sources.

> Thank again.
> Grant.


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