Dear FreeBSD Forum Member, I need your help, PLease (fwd)

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Can someone help this guy?

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Subject: Dear FreeBSD Forum Member, I need your help, PLease
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content : Hello Everyone

I quite a new in BSD, so, I decided to move into FreeBSD, I actually have F=
REEBSD 5.2.1 and I installed Wmaker 0.8.x as Window manager, and I download=
 all GNUStep ports, from the BSD site, I installed  every one of them witho=
ut error, and when I boot up my station, I can see a message that show that=
 is loading the GNUStep package (says =93Package Initialization: GNUStep=94=

For that popup message I think that any demon or package has been loaded, s=
o far, so good.

But after X starts, loads the WMaker and nothing else, just Wmaker, no trac=
e of GNUStep and Gworkspace, I ask for your help if you can help me or if y=
ou know someone that can advice me how to =91run=92 the GNUStep, Gworkspace=
 and all its toys J or how to fix my installation.

I really appreciate your help and sorry if I disturb your time reading this=



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