Grant orbman at thingysrealm.myftp.org
Fri Jul 30 21:30:03 BST 2004


I was reading a few linux posts about encrypting hard drives and it got 
me thinking about my own data on my servers and other boxen.

I was wondering what is there in the world of freebsd to offers 
encrypting drive, so that is one was stolen no one would be able to read 
or use the information on the drive.

Another question is, i got myself a new USB2 caddy + 80gb drive, i was 
wondering what filesystem would be best for me to use, as this drive has 
got to switch between linux and freebsd systems, i would prefer 
something where say i remove the drive without unmounting, i dont currpt 
the whole thing or loose anything allready there and if i can get 
encryption on it as well... i know its a lot to ask... :P but someone 
might be able to help with parts :)


ps = The drive at the moment has JFS filesystem, i havnt tried accessing 
it on Freebsd yet, but the FS could easily be changed as the drive hasnt 
got much on it.

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