URGENT issue with MSOutlook

Ben Tyson-Norrman ben at twowaytv.co.uk
Fri Jul 30 13:20:31 BST 2004

I guess the question is - why can't your retrieve your emails from the 
archive on the shared drive - what error message do you get....?

I could also ask what version of BSD are you using - but I guess that 
might be a silly question :-)

However we are nice people here at freebsd.org, so what version of 
windows are you using....? You poor thing :-)

Luv Mahajan wrote:
> I had my emails sorted in different folders on the MS Outlook.
> My colleague took the backup of the mails in a shared drive,
> And gave it the name archive.pst
> This folder showed under my Inbox folder when I opened my MSOutlook
> Somehow, that folder got deleted from the MS Outlook.
> I still have the archive.pst with me in my shared drive.
> But I am not able to retrieve any of the emails from this archive.
> They are very very important for my job.
> THANKS in advance.
> LM

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