Home Dir's

Jon Schneider jon at axismilton.ltd.uk
Fri Jul 23 16:02:24 BST 2004

> I dont really want to use NIS as it something extra to add to the server 
> and i was trying to keep it simple :), you say about the uids and gids, 
> is that just a case of me changing the client uids and gids to the same 
> as the server's ones?

Yes but you need to change the ownership of pre-existing stuff with it.
Probably just the home directory, mail spool file. (It is possible to
remap uids and gids but the wrong solution).

> eg:
> server = orbman:*:1001:1001:User &:/home/orbman:/bin/sh
> client = orbman:*:600:600:User &:/home/orbman:/bin/sh
> should both read the same ?
> (just example i dont know if them id's are right.)
> Yea i will just export /home but when i last tried something like that i 
> remember one of the clients saying something about it couldnt Lock a 
> file, that was right after i logged in on gnome (permissions ?)

'fraid I know little more than something called lockd might be used to
assist with locking NFS files. Perhaps dump gnome as it is a piece of
bloatware anyway.


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