Home Dir's

Grant orbman at thingysrealm.myftp.org
Fri Jul 23 15:24:12 BST 2004


I got a few pc's around the house and i was reading in the handbook that 
you can use NFS to share the home dir's over it, so that where ever 
people login they can have their home dir... i have read and read the 
handbook section about NFS but i still dont really understand how to do it.

I cant find anything about doing NFS for home dir's only NIS and other 

Could someone tell me how i can setup my freebsd server to share 
people's home dir's so i dont have to copy their home dir's over to 
every machine.

Oh and the clients are a mixture of freebsd and linux machines, the 
server is running 5.2.1

Thanks :)

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