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Antony T Curtis antony.t.curtis at
Wed Jul 21 17:45:08 BST 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 12:29, Dave Tiger wrote:
> Hi List,
> In the make file for mysql40-server it has options for extras in the make
> line


> Which ones would you suggest I should use to get speed and theading working
> ok on freebsd 4.7
> I was thinking BUILD_OPTIMIZED=yes BUILD_STATIC=yes but thatÿs just me
> guessing.

If you are running on an SMP machine, you may benefit with linuxthreads.
IMO, Static doesn't buy you much except from fractionally faster load

Compiler optimizations would get you more benefits - so if you were to
install the gcc33 port and use that to compile MySQL, it will be faster
than using the 2.95 system compiler.

> The server will do only 1 job which is be the db for mydns which I will be
> install so itÿs the backend for dns if that helps.

You should be fine with only BUILD_OPTIMIZED.


Alternatively, you can build MySQL manually from the source tarball or
from the BitKeeper repository - this will give you finer control. For
example, you can enable/disable BDB, InnoDB etc.

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