MyDNS and MySql Questions

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There shouldn't be any problem with those two co-existing as you've got
them segmented onto 2 distinct ip's.

As for the MySQL from ports, here's a few tips:

I don't know if the port is fully optimised, it probably errs on the
side of caution (and stability).

You can get faster response and lower loads by turning on query caching
with MySQL 4.x, this can be done by editing /etc/my.cnf to look somewhat
like this:

query_cache_type=1                              <--- add this
query_cache_size=10m                         <---- and this

I run 23 servers, the biggest of which is doing ~800 GB per month of
traffic, a large proportion on dynamically generated content - lots of
db calls.  The load on the server never goes too high, partly because of
query caching.

The other performance tip is to link using -static, read about it here:

Also, general optimisation tips:

Hope that all helps!

Best wishes,


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Hi List,

1) I have a working BIND9 DNS but want to move to MyDNS. My plan is to
run both bind and mydns on the same server so that I can move over zones
from bind to mydns in a controlled manner and when done decommission
bind. This will also allow me to gage load issue with mydns as I go.

My question is if I allocate another public ip to my dns box for mydns
and open port 53 on it will bind and mydns be happy on the same box. Is
there anything I should be aware of. I know about adding djbdns and
using its dnacache for recursion just asking if there are any nasty I
should be aware of.

2) Related to the above question. I will be installing from ports
mysql-4.xx and I am asking if the port is fully optimized. I ask as I
have read stuff about treading in FreeBSD and want to keep the CPU loads
down as far as I can.

Any help, advices or url pointers are very much appreciated.

Dave Carrera

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