What seems like a very silly CUPS question

Robert Myles rob at rexfeatures.com
Wed Jul 21 13:31:58 BST 2004


Just been there.

You can make your cups server listen for remote lpd connects by adding

# CUPS lpd support
printer stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/libexec/cups/daemon/cups-lpd 

to your inetd.conf

You then have to set up entries in /etc/printcap on the machines you want 
to use the CUPS server. Annoying if it is lots of machines and/or lots of 

I found a better solution was to install cups on the client machines and 
enable the polling feature of cups.

In cupsd.conf:

# BrowsePoll: poll the named server(s) for printers
BrowsePoll cups_server.example.com:631

You don't need to set up any printers on the client machines and any 
changes/new printers on the main CUPS server will automagically appear in 
the client printcap. Works well.

You need to allow the client machines access to CUPS for IPP printing on 
the main cups server.



--On 21 July 2004 11:57 +0100 Pete French <pete at twisted.org.uk> wrote:

> I';ve set up a amchine with CUPS and Samba. I can print fine
> on that machine, the windows clients can print fine on that
> machine. All looks great.
> Now I want to connect some other FreeBSD boxes to that server.
> Which I thought would be simple enough - just enable lpd and set
> them up to print raw to it using lpd.
> ...but for the life of me I cant make it work. lpd starts up
> with the error '/dev/lp: No such file or directory', and even
> when I can persuade it to accept a job (currently oy outting a + in
> hosts.equiv) it doesn't end u[p in the queue or on the remote
> printer at all.
> Have now spent three hours on this. Help! Anybody got
> any good advice ? Is there some magic by way I can make cups
> listen as lpd (or any other protocol would do! ipp?)
> -bat.
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