MySql PORT make options

James James at
Tue Jul 20 12:50:05 BST 2004

Dave Tiger wrote:

> Which ones would you suggest I should use to get speed and theading working
> ok on freebsd 4.7
> I was thinking BUILD_OPTIMIZED=yes BUILD_STATIC=yes but that’s just me
> guessing.

Those are build options, so they're only really going to affect the 
building of the port from source.

> The server will do only 1 job which is be the db for mydns which I will be
> install so it’s the backend for dns if that helps.
> Any help or advice is most welcome before I make a mistake.

Mysql is fairly simple and most of the tweaking can be done from the ini 
file after the fact.  In fact, IMO, you want to be running it in it's 
intended role before tweaking the server much.

 From your previous;

 > I ask as I have read stuff about treading in FreeBSD and want to keep 
 > the CPU loads down as far as I can.

I can't see DNS topping out mysql, but YMMV and it's best to run a test 
first, which I suspect is your intention.  MySQL is pretty much ready to 
go after the port build (I don't think it starts itself up) and the 
options after the fact will need a little digging to make much sense.

The biggest problem is usually finding bottlenecks; 'mytop' is a handy 
perl script but extremely processor hungry, so you won't want to run it 
for too long.

In terms of the various kinds of threading you don't get much option 
because it's platform dependent.


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