MyDNS and MySql Questions

Dave Tiger dave at
Mon Jul 19 10:07:48 BST 2004

Hi List,

1) I have a working BIND9 DNS but want to move to MyDNS. My plan is to =
both bind and mydns on the same server so that I can move over zones =
bind to mydns in a controlled manner and when done decommission bind. =
will also allow me to gage load issue with mydns as I go.

My question is if I allocate another public ip to my dns box for mydns =
open port 53 on it will bind and mydns be happy on the same box. Is =
anything I should be aware of. I know about adding djbdns and using its
dnacache for recursion just asking if there are any nasty I should be =

2) Related to the above question. I will be installing from ports =
and I am asking if the port is fully optimized. I ask as I have read =
about treading in FreeBSD and want to keep the CPU loads down as far as =

Any help, advices or url pointers are very much appreciated.

Dave Carrera

UK Web Hosting @ =20

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