Old Laptop

Grant orbman at thingysrealm.myftp.org
Sat Jul 17 16:35:16 BST 2004


I got a very old laptop its a HP omnibook something... i dont know the 
model as its worn off the bottom. it uses a PCMCIA hard drive to boot, 
that drive is now dead and i cant find any cheap replacments.

What i was wondering is there a way i could use this laptop for bsd, 
somehow boot from network ? or small floppy distro ? it's got a 
3CXE589EX PCMCIA network card, and a normal floppy drive, but no CD-rom.

The specs of the laptop are 486/DX4 100mhz, 32mb Ram.

I just want something i can use for surfing a few small sites, checking 
mail and just chatting on IRC... i dont mind command line, as i dont 
think it would handle a GUI very well.

So could someone point me to something that supports laptops booting 
from network or suggest a small enough distro that will fit on floppy's? 
or should i just put the thing in the bin at last ?


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