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On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 07:59:00AM -0000, Gerard.Moloney at wrote:

> I'm looking to build a small web site and wonder if anyone could advise
> me with respect to a suitable ISP.
> Ideally one who is contactable and gives co-herent answers to questions w=
> problems arise.

Two places to check out:

I like Andrews & Arnold ( -- they are penguin
fanciers rather than daemon worshippers, but anyone who has a website
like can't be all bad...

Tech support is generally clued up, and the company is small enough
that you end up talking to the people who know, rather than some
helpdesk drone.

You get webspace as a standard part of an ADSL account, which works
out pretty cheap.  You can run some perl-based CGI , but you'll need
to upload all of the necessary perl modules and possibly various
shlibs -- and there isn't any backend database available as
standard. Of course, you can use A&A to co-lo your own box but the
prices aren't quite so attractive.

See the news group for more information.

If your website needs are a bit more demanding, check out
-- jail based FreeBSD servers with various sizes of MySQL backend DB
are available, and since you're in your own jail, you can run PHP,
Python, perl, java or anything else.  If your site isn't going to have
particularly high traffic levels, their 'Developer Account' is pretty

Either of those options includes DNS management, e-mail -- either
secondary-mx or POP/IMAP facilities.  SSL/HTTPS will be extra though.



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