HELP: FreeBSD 5.2 crashing when doing fsck?

William Cooper williamcooper at
Sat Jan 31 21:05:13 GMT 2004

Hello again,

I have a FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE machine here, lately I started to run into
system problems where the machine would completely freeze and had to be
rebooted, the reboots took a very long time because it decided it wanted
to fsck the 4 x 120gb hard disks that are connected to it, then after it
had completed this task the machine would run fine for a few hours (I
think, I would normally go to bed and find it broken in the morning).
Today I decided I wanted to find the root of the problem, I have swapped
different sticks of ram, disconnected the 4x 120gb hard disks, and tried
various different modes from the kernel loader screen (?) just before it
boots up to try and fix it.

Then the hangs started to happen earlier, it would only fsck the install
disk (only disk connected by this time), which is only 20gb and then
hang within minutes afterwards. I noticed the hang would happen with the
HDD light on, so next time I booted up I did a 'killall -9 fsck' and
'killall -9 fsck_ufs', once them two processes were killed I haven't had
a problem, and the machine is still running (without a reboot of

The only thing I can think of is that the mobo is duffed or the 20gb
hard drive is going :/

Can anyone shed some light on this problem? I really need this box up
and I'm unable to fix this problem :(

Kit: Abit BP6 running dual 533Mhz Celerons

Uname: FreeBSD deathstar 5.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE #0: Sun Jan 11
04:21:45 GMT 20
04     root at  i386

Any help will be great,



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