[Fwd: Re: ms Exchange alternative (Dovecot)]

Mike Bristow mike at urgle.com
Sat Jan 31 19:29:45 GMT 2004

On Sat, Jan 31, 2004 at 03:36:28PM +0000, Frank Shute wrote:
> > > I'm also rather surprised that an MTA hasn't been written in Java,
> > > certainly no popular ones AFAIK. Is it just that it's considered too
> > > slow still?
> > 
> > Apache James (http://james.apache.org).  It is to an MTA what 
> > tomcat is to web servers. 
> Thanks. That looks like a really interesting development which really
> leverages Java. Shame it's not in ports, if I find the time I might
> download it and play around with it.

I spent a long time packagizing it at work (for Solaris, RedHat,
and FreeBSD) and came to the conclusion that it's a nightmare.

It has a list of dependacies as long as your arm, they only give you
the .jars (and not, for example, a list of what the dependancies
are and what versions are required); frequently the dependancies
were pre-release; when they weren't pre-release getting the source
buildable source was a pain (either because they didn't dish out
source tarbals, or they were missing necessary things - like
the build.xml - which were in the CVS respository, or they were
burried 95 pages deep on the website).

Not that I'm bitter about it.

You dont have to be illiterate to use the Internet, but it help's.

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