ms Exchange alternative (Dovecot)

Mark Stewart Mark.Stewart at
Thu Jan 29 17:13:15 GMT 2004

I'm using uw-imapd + sendmail at home and get about 500 - 1000 mails a day =
- collecting these from outlook using IMAP is very sluggish and takes about=
 5 mins.

I am running a p133 32 ram mailserver though :)

I have never used dovecot - i'll do a quick install from the ports this wee=
k and see how it compares ... however I think most admins use uw-imapd !


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   What problems did you have with uw-imapd?


On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Pete French wrote:

> > It supports both, but I've not tried a mixture, I'm maildir and procmail
> > only here. If the problem is a POP3 server then it does include it's own
> > one which you can use which will certainly integrate well
> The problem is a big shell account box into which people login and read m=
> using whatever command line tool they fancy - but we also want to provide
> remote imap access to the same set of mailboxes. I had been playing around
> with uw-imapd at home, buut am not too happy with it really. An
> alternative would be very interesting, as I havent implemented anything y=
> Will go take a look and see what happens...
> -bat.
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