ms Exchange alternative (Dovecot)

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Thu Jan 29 00:59:47 GMT 2004

James Read wrote:

> Andrew Boothman wrote:
>>How are other people's experiences with Dovecot? It's supposed to be
>>in the early days of development but it seems really stable to me.
> I've been running dovecot for about a year now with no problems what so
> ever. Its a very stable peice of kit, considering how long the other mail
> servers have had to 'mature'. It is also extreamly fast with the amount of
> mails I have, about 20,000 give or take a thousand or so. It zooms through
> Maildir's, and its quite secure with the use of ssl - very easy to get
> going.

That's good to hear. I'm entirely doing my own email for the first time 
and I'm using Postfix and then procmail to sort mail from lists into 
folders and then accessing the folders over dovecot's IMAP using Mozilla 

It doesn't take mail from FreeBSD lists very long to build up so it's 
good to here that dovecot works well with large Maildirs!


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