ms Exchange alternative (Dovecot)

James Read james at
Thu Jan 29 00:30:28 GMT 2004

Andrew Boothman wrote:
> How are other people's experiences with Dovecot? It's supposed to be
> in the early days of development but it seems really stable to me.

I've been running dovecot for about a year now with no problems what so
ever. Its a very stable peice of kit, considering how long the other mail
servers have had to 'mature'. It is also extreamly fast with the amount of
mails I have, about 20,000 give or take a thousand or so. It zooms through
Maildir's, and its quite secure with the use of ssl - very easy to get

Not had a single problem with it apart from a permission issue which was
fixed ages ago in the ports (freshports will say).

Dovecot looks most promising, however some sort of RFC 3028 / Sieve
filtering like Cyrus does would be a bonus :-)


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