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Andrew Boothman andrew at
Thu Jan 29 00:00:55 GMT 2004

Robert Myles wrote:

>>> Have to admit, I like exim and dovecot
>> Yep yep , same setup here, Exim and Dovecot, does the job easy as pie,
>> doesnt take long to setup, all maildir'ed up. Main use of exim is its 
>> easy
>> to get going, doesnt have any dependances like qmail does (as in 
>> ucspi-tcp
>> etc) and also that it does server side mail filtering (like Communigate
>> does), also have mailscanner and f-prot installed from the ports so that
>> it scans for 'viruses' and all that lark.
>> I'm not aware if qmail does this or even postfix for that matter - can
>> anyone comment on server side mta/imap filtering apart from the use of
>> procmail and its scary syntax?
> Postfix has header and body checks based on regular expressions which 
> work well. I have only used them for refusing mail, not for directing it 
> anywhere, but it can probably be made to do that.
> You can also filter mail with a system external to Postfix. Incoming 
> mail can be passed to stdin of a program and accepted back from stdout. 
> Alternatively (preferably?) incoming mail can be passed to an SMTP 
> listener which does the filtering and passes it back to Postfix by SMTP 
> for delivery. This works well - I've used it with a commercial 
> smtp-based antivirus system, but using amavisd-new (in ports), f-prot 
> and/or spam assassin shouldn't be too hard.
> Cyrus imap does server-side mail filtering. It uses the Sieve mail 
> filtering language (RFC 3028). Sieve syntax isn't pretty, but it is 
> understandable.

I'm using Postfix + Dovecot on a server at the moment - seems to work 
very well. I've run Courier before but I much prefer dovecot's more 
straightforward approach.

Dovecot "feels" like the postfix of the IMAP world - I'm not sure how to 
explain that but check out and you might see what I mean!

How are other people's experiences with Dovecot? It's supposed to be in 
the early days of development but it seems really stable to me.


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