webcam success - USB Logitech Quickcam Express

Jonathan McDowell noodles at
Wed Jan 28 21:26:12 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 03:47:43PM +0000, Matt Dawson wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 January 2004 12:00 pm, freebsd-users-request at 
> wrote:
> > usbd: device-attach event at 1075243016.575210000, Camera, Logitech:
> >   vndr=0x046d prdct=0x0870 rlse=0x0100 clss=0x00ff subclss=0x00ff
> > prtcl=0x00ff
> > device names: ugen0
> It doesn't look like my Quickcam Express. Mine has a lower product number. 
> Output of usbdevs -v FYI:
> port 2 addr 2: full speed, power 500 mA, config 1, Camera(0x0840), 
> Logitech(0x046d), rev 1.00
> I think we may be getting our quickcams mixed up. Mine is definitely a 
> Quickcam Express, specifically the one the Linux driver was written for. I 
> can confirm this works perfectly on 5.2 with this patch.

There are several variants.

I have a Logitech camera (0x870) with a HDCS1020 and a Dexxa Quickcam
(0x840) with a HDCS1000. Both work with the driver under Linux, but
don't work with the FreeBSD version.


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