ms Exchange alternative

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Wed Jan 28 17:08:10 GMT 2004

[Sending this for the 2nd time - 1st one was from my new email address 
which isn't subscribed yet - apologies if this turns up twice]

Mark Blackman wrote:

>> Looking for an alternative setup for ms exchange.. (primary mailserver
>> for ms clients) ..
>> I'm new the the .nix world and have been playing with freebsd 5.1. (i 
>> like it ).
>> Id love an opensource groupware product but dont want anything like 
>> phpgroupware or kroupware.
> The key question to ask yourself is how bad do you want MAPI? MAPI
> is Microsoft's messaging API (over RPC) and gives you access to
> all of their interesting groupware capabilities (shared calendars 
> primarily).
> The only MAPI solutions are commercial and involve at least
> * MS itself
> * Communigate Pro
> * Samsung Contact

Perhaps you could consider OpenGroupware?


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