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Tue Jan 27 14:40:32 GMT 2004

A client of mine is using courier (they like the fact that it's an
integrated system, i.e. everything from the same "vendor").

IIRC there's also some rudimentary support (or there will be soon) for

Its got an smtp, pop, imap and webmail module, plus one for scanning
messages (a la procmail).

Tried to see if it was in ports, but I keep getting gateway timeouts on =
search page on (my office FreeBSD gateway/mail server is
currently awaiting a new PSU so I can't check there for you!).  Its =
in /usr/ports/mail/courier

Lots of people also use the imap, pop and webmail from courier but have
Postfix as their mtu (me included) and that seems like a rock-solid =
There are quite a few howtos on google for that kind of set-up so even =
you are fairly new to the unix world theres a step by step guide you can
follow (and the best way of learning is by doing! :o)

At the end of the day, the best thing would be to do what sam says, try =
all and see which one is the best fit (ah...isn't it grand that removing
packages is a sinch with FreeBSD :o)


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Yep, postfix + cyrus is definitely a winner. As for groupware, if you =
one that really works, please let me know ;)


On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 13:54, Duncan Barclay wrote:
> Hi
> There are a number of IMAP servers available, have a look in=20
> /usr/ports/mail. I prefer cyrus.
> As to SMTP, there is sendmail as shipped with FreeBSD. Many people=20
> prefer other systems: exim, postfix, qmail etc.
> Duncan
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> Hi all,
> Looking for an alternative setup for ms exchange.. (primary mailserver =

> for ms clients) .. I'm new the the .nix world and have been playing=20
> with freebsd 5.1. (i like it ).
> Id love an opensource groupware product but dont want anything like
> phpgroupware or kroupware.
> I want to acheive a "proper" email server, i think it will have to be=20
> imap + smtp. so client pcs can store mail on the server. using ms=20
> outlook or equivalent. have done a bit of web research and currently=20
> reading a freebsd textbook but i dont seem to be finding the "right"=20
> answers for my situation.
> If anyone have done the same/similar thing or knows of a good resource =

> pool, please let me know...
> Regards
> Ludovic (relative newbie to "real computing")
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