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Paul Civati paul at
Mon Jan 26 22:49:32 GMT 2004

"Duncan Barclay" <dmlb at> wrote:

> As such I'd like to gather some statistics about the data going over the
> link so that we can "question" our supplier.
> Any recommendations as to good point testing tools and tools to log traffic
> on the link over a period of time and to extract useful measures from it.

The approach depends on what you want to measure and how the link is set

Do you have all the traffic fed through a single gateway/proxy server?

If so, you could install ucd-snmp on the server, and then use MRTG to
plot some graphs (failing that, you might find you can SNMP query the
satellite network device directly).

Then should be a matter of running some large transfers and see what
kind of results you get (noting that MRTG samples at 5 minute intervals,
so bare that in mind when testing).


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