AtaControl Woes - Please Help :(

Paul Civati paul at
Thu Jan 22 22:46:18 GMT 2004

"Brian Platt" <brianplatt at> wrote:

> I rebuilt my machine from 4.4 to 4.9 because i wanted to make use of the 
> RAID1 feature of atacontrol.
> atacontrol create RAID1 ad0 ad2
> This all woked ok and it showed drives ready etc and it created ar0 however 
> when i rebooted the machine it askes for the boot device i tried 
> ufs:/dev/ar0s1a but the machine just 'Panicked' and rebooted saying 
> something about mangled disks. Have i left some config out? do i now have to 
> rebuild my machine?

As far as I have experienced, the RAID functionality in the ata driver
relies upon the hardware support.  When I have set up the RAID devices
it has all been from within the BIOS of the RAID controller, and when
FreeBSD boots it sees the RAID device as ar0.


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