cs server

John Tuckey johnt at snakepit.org.uk
Wed Jan 21 15:30:01 GMT 2004

> HI.
> You might be better off using screen. You can then disconnect from the
screen session and reconnect again later. I believe the problem is the
session in interactive as you can issue commands to the cs instance via a
> There is a howto from the cs server site:
> You should be able to build screen from misc/screen in your ports tree.
> There is also a section on there for running cs as a "non-root" user.

Thanks Ian i will try that now

> As for the logging, this sounds like a problem I saw but that was 2 years
ago and can not recall if we fixed it. You might want to check permissions
on the files/directories it is trying to write as.  You might also want to
look in the linux compat directory tree for your logs (normally

Im not sure its a permision problem, when the server starts up it says its
writing logs and the log file is open etc etc, but when i close the server
with 'quit' it closes the log file.  Am i stopping the server in the wrong

> Thanks.
> Ian.

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