Sendmail and MX records

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Jan 21 12:30:14 GMT 2004

"Mark Stewart" <Mark.Stewart at> wrote:

> When I send a mail to my mail server (Sendmail) always
> uses the second MX record and not the first ?
> When I tried this from home last night it did use the correct server
> (first MX record) but at work my sendmail server always defaults to
> the second MX.

>From the work mail server, try:

telnet smtp

And see if you get an SMTP connection banner, if not, there is some kind
of network problem effecting you reaching that host.

> Is there something I can change, the TTL is the same for each of the MX
> mail servers on so there shouldn't be any time out issues.

Doesn't sound like a DNS issue.

> I did notice that I can ping the second mx server
> and not the first

Possible indication of a network issue, but not necessarily, if it's behind
a firewall.

> Would ICMP traffic matter to send mail ? Not to my knowledge to now anyways ..



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