5.2 as a workstation?

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Fri Jan 16 14:04:13 GMT 2004

> The very same install you put on the box when I got it from you ;-)
> With assorted updated libraries and ports installed in a hideously
> haphazard fashion. Bad and wrong.

Mmm... yes. Updating the ports tree and everything all at once is
generally a much better idea! You got broadband on that thing yet ?

> rather than that Finnish thing. So *this* time, I want to start with
> a recent-model FreeBSD and keep it upgraded in the proper manner ;-)

heh - I cant think of anyone better to be a 5.2 guinea-pig anyway. I
should work excellently on that AP400 I would have thought. Theres no
non-standard hardware on there after all.

> Could do. Although that would involve leaving the house ;-)

Maybe I should come over, and we can have an "installing 5.2" party.
I'll let you know how it goes on mine.


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