screwed partition?

William Cooper williamcooper at
Thu Jan 15 19:00:46 GMT 2004

Hello there!

Just updated my fileserver with some new drives, after configuring it
all I believe I made the mistake of re-labelling a partition that
already had data on it , I saw the newfs command line with its options
pop up while doing this in sysinstall and I panic with a ctrl+c (stupid
of me). Now the drive mounts fine, but every time I try to enter the
mount directory (/mnt/fsdsk3) I get:

1[root at dev:~]# cd /mnt/fsdsk3
su: cd: /mnt/fsdsk3: Not a directory

Have I screwed the partition up? Shall I just remove the partition and
start again? Or is just a silly problem which can be fixed snappy? What
are my options?

Any help is great.


Running: FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE-p14 on a dual 533mhz box, plenty of ram :)

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