Another hardware donation - Quad Ethernet NIC

Paul Civati paul at
Thu Jan 15 11:26:03 GMT 2004

David Groves <dave at> wrote:

> I don't have the skills to do what it is required to make it work, but
> I was hoping it wouldn't be too hard. It has 4 Intel chips on it, that
> look similar to the ones on the regular FXP cards.

8255x should work.  Check the fxp(4) man page.

> I seem to remember
> it being detected in some form by the kernel, but the kernel not having
> a driver for it.

Could also be a hardware issue, I've read about some mobos not being
able to see the full compliment of IRQs even though it's probably
using a PCI to PCI bridge.

> I haven't even tried fiddling the PCI ID's, so they could be a real
> easy job :/

Also plausible.

> One on offer to anyone that feels they have a hope of making it go.
> Postage is likely to be 2 pints of beer should we ever meet.

However, if you don't want them... :)


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