Another hardware donation - Quad Ethernet NIC

David Groves dave at
Thu Jan 15 11:07:29 GMT 2004

> In the spirit of generosity that seems to have overcome this list, I have
> spare a Compaq Smart Array 3200 PCI SCSI RAID controller which I know
> little about.

I can continue this spirit of generosity. I have a pair of quad ethernet 
NIC's here I pulled from a dead machine. I had high hopes of it working 
in a FreeBSD box for a networking side project. However it didn't 
work out the box.

I don't have the skills to do what it is required to make it work, but
I was hoping it wouldn't be too hard. It has 4 Intel chips on it, that
look similar to the ones on the regular FXP cards. I seem to remember
it being detected in some form by the kernel, but the kernel not having
a driver for it.

I haven't even tried fiddling the PCI ID's, so they could be a real
easy job :/

One on offer to anyone that feels they have a hope of making it go.
Postage is likely to be 2 pints of beer should we ever meet.

Dave / Pumpkin
dave at

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