5.2 as a workstation?

Phil John phil at budgetwebdesign.biz
Wed Jan 14 22:07:28 GMT 2004

Mark said:

>A 5.2 make buildworld takes 32 mins on my new machine 
>(dual Athlon MP2800, 1GB RAM) whereas 4.9 make buildworld took 53 mins 
>on my old Athlon 700, 512MB. I know that 5.x is "bigger" than 4.x and so 
>would take longer _on the same machine_ (anyone built both on the same 
>machine and can quantify that?) but I would still expect it to be 


I would expect this has more to do with the move to GCC 3.X as, I am led to
believe, it's at least 20-30% slower than the old, much more heavily
optimised 2.9x branch.  This is something that should improve with time.


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