5.2 as a workstation?

David Gerard fun at thingy.apana.org.au
Wed Jan 14 21:51:04 GMT 2004

On 01/14/04 11:17, Pete French wrote:

>>desktop. (4.6.2 is getting decidedly unhip.)

> You still running 4.6.2 ? :-)

The very same install you put on the box when I got it from you ;-)
With assorted updated libraries and ports installed in a hideously
haphazard fashion. Bad and wrong.

I want to run new and shiny things, but with proper and lovely BSD
rather than that Finnish thing. So *this* time, I want to start with
a recent-model FreeBSD and keep it upgraded in the proper manner ;-)

>>So. Is anyone here running 5.x as a workstation? How is it?

> I have tried 5.1 for a while and it was fine. I am also now  ttempted
> to put 5.2 onto that little Compaq and see how it goes. Mostly I am
> sticking to 4.9 for mission critical stuff currently it has to
> be said, and hence the desktop systems are mostly 4.9

Mmmm. I mentioned my plans to Liz and her eyes lit up with "ooh shiny
toy!" in a most perturbing manner ... I explained that I wasn't going
to put 5.x on her machine until I was *quite* sure it behaved on mine!

> If you want to come round when I have had a go at the 5.2 and take a
> look then you are very welcome to do so...

Could do. Although that would involve leaving the house ;-)

- d.

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