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Wed Jan 14 13:31:05 GMT 2004

Several people said:
> meets! (Cardiff / Manchester / Portsmouth)

Where to begin...

Hi (Gerald), there are a handful of BSD folk in Cardiff itself.
Myself, Paul Richards and Ceri Davies (who all worked together)
had the inaugural BSD meeting in a pub in Cardiff town centre a
year or so ago.

Last June, this was followed by the FreeBSD tenth anniversary
bash, held in Cardiff, the pics are now at a new URL:

(Ceri was also there, but rather early, so went home for a snooze
before the curry - and before I got my camera out, sadly).

Since then, the Cardiff threesome have gone their separate ways
(employment-wise) and there's been no further activity.  It may
be time to stir us up again!  How about something early in
February - say on the w/e of 6/7/8th - all welcome (and it's near
Paul's birthday, too!)?  We could even plan a delegation ;-) to
(say) Manchester, if that looks likely.

Looking a little further ahead, I am planning to go to the UKUUG
Winter Conference ( with a FreeBSD-using friend
from Neath - it's in Bournemouth on the 25/26th Feb.  I believe
that's not too far from Portsmouth...?  Anyone else going/near?

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