5.2 as a workstation?

Mark Ovens mark at ukug.uk.freebsd.org
Wed Jan 14 11:41:43 GMT 2004

Pete French wrote:

>> desktop. (4.6.2 is getting decidedly unhip.)
> You still running 4.6.2 ? :-)
>> So. Is anyone here running 5.x as a workstation? How is it?

It works just fine here, although I don't think that SMP is fully 
optimized yet. A 5.2 make buildworld takes 32 mins on my new machine 
(dual Athlon MP2800, 1GB RAM) whereas 4.9 make buildworld took 53 mins 
on my old Athlon 700, 512MB. I know that 5.x is "bigger" than 4.x and so 
would take longer _on the same machine_ (anyone built both on the same 
machine and can quantify that?) but I would still expect it to be 
quicker. The only comparison I have is building Mozilla Firebird on 
WinXP which is over four times quicker on the new machine.

> I have tried 5.1 for a while and it was fine. I am also now  ttempted
> to put 5.2 onto that little Compaq and see how it goes. Mostly I am

I'll agree with that, and in 5.2 USB keyboards work properly (although 
USB wireless MS mice still don't except on the PS/2 port :-( ).

> sticking to 4.9 for mission critical stuff currently it has to
> be said, and hence the desktop systems are mostly 4.9
> If you want to come round when I have had a go at the 5.2 and take a

If you are going to do a source u/g 5.1->5.2 then make sure that you 
read src/UPDATING *first* (not after like I did ;-) ). You *MUST* do 
''make installkernel'' *and reboot* before doing ''make installworld'' 
else your system will crash and burn and not restart :-O Thank God for 
the ISO images.



> look then you are very welcome to do so...
> -bat.
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