Hardware donation

Mark Ovens mark at ukug.uk.freebsd.org
Wed Jan 7 16:20:01 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Before I post this to donations@ I thought I'd give UK developers first 

This is some kit pulled from my old FreeBSD-STABLE machine when I 
de-commissioned it. All items were fully working when the machine was 

It is all offered /gratis/ (and I'll even stand the postage but if we 
ever meet then you owe me a couple of beers) to developers so you'll 
either be a Committer or will need a Committer to vouch that you make a 
worthwhile contribution to the project.

IBM Ultrastar 2ES (DCAS-34330), 4.3GB, 5400rpm, UW-SCSI (68-pin) HDD

IBM Ultrastar 9ES (DDRS-34560), 4.5GB, 7200rpm, UW-SCSI (68-pin) HDD

Diamond Fireport 40 UW-SCSI PCI host adaptor. 1 68-pin wide and 1 50-pin 
narrow internal connectors and 1 50-pin (micro-D) narrow external 
connector. Uses the sym(4) driver.

ATI Xpert at Work PCI, 4MB graphics card


Mark Ovens

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