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Frank Shute frank at
Sat Jan 3 23:46:24 GMT 2004

On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 02:32:39PM +0000, Pete French wrote:
> > I don't care if it's `traditional' that they get honours. They get
> > paid and that should be enough. I don't expect an honour for turning
> > up at work everyday.
> ...and later...
> > > Right, so you think Berners-Lee deserves it, 
> >
> > Yep.
> ...despite the fcat that what he is getting an honour for is
> something he did in the course of his job at the time. Or maybe you
> feel they wernt paying him enough ?

If honours were to be kept then they should be restricted to those
who have made some sort of significant contribution to the public
wellbeing at large, Berners-Lee would fall into that category IMO
especially since he decided not to enrich himself at the publics
expense. My personal preference is to abolish them in their entirity

Stalkers who work for the Queen slaughtering animals and whose family
happens to be her bankers ... and I know this is controversial ;) ...
do not IMO contribute to the general public wellbeing. 

These 2 individuals stand at the opposite ends of a fairly broad
spectrum. Whilst most of us can probably agree on who should and
shouldn't receive an honour in this case, we can't even agree over
Fred Dibnah! (I guess I might be talked around though;)

But I suspect that if the honours were to be thrown open to a public
vote, Fred being a minority taste, wouldn't even get a look in past
the swathes of soapstars etc. 



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