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* Paul Robinson <paul at> [2004-01-03 16:35:49 GMT]:
> Before I begin, this mail has got longer than expected. Apologies. If
> somebody tells me to shut up, I will. :-)
> [...]
> 2. Much less radical is to keep the political parties for people to
> affiliate themselves with, but abondon use of the party whips. This
> allows for voters to roughly understand where a candidate's politics
> lie, but without that politician on election at risk of causing a
> hulabaloo in the press every time they rebel at the division, or even
> worse, a senior member of the party decides to become a rebel
> teller....

I like this idea.

But.  No matter what we say here.  Or how much we agree.  The chances of
ANYTHING changing for the better is probably less than the possibility of
me winning the lottery whilst getting knocked down by a bus which had
just been hit by an asteroid.  So really anything else I have to say is
just going to frustrate and depress me.

So one has to wonder, is it better to be a happy sheep, and simply
switch off, get opinions direct from the press with no sort of concious
effort to draw your own conclusions, be a good consumer, and simply vote
for bread and circuses.

Oh f**k that's a depressing prospect too...


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