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Paul Robinson paul at
Fri Jan 2 13:58:24 GMT 2004

Peter McGarvey wrote:

>Indeed, whilst browsning the honours lists on the BBC I noticed this
>    Gary James Coutts. Stalker, Balmoral Estate. 
>Novel idea, giving a stalker a gong rather than an restraining-order.

There's a joke there about stalking and "Novell" rather than "Novel", 
but I'll let you write it. Anyway, stalkers, on big estates like that, 
do not break into your flat whilst your're at work, eat your food and 
take polaroids of themselves wearing your underwear, leaving said 
picture attached with magnet to the front of your fridge. They just help 
toffs kill animals.

>>Tim Berners-Lee *and* Cliff Richard, WTF?
>Have a look at the list of them that have rejected honours...  A much
>more rarefied stratum of society.
Now, I'm not a big fan of the honours system as it stands, however I 
think the people who have rejected honours are being churlish and are 
only doing so to curry favour with the media. The best thing to do of 
course is to not offer them to "celebrities" in the first place and only 
hand them out to people who have done something more challenging than 
being paid millions of pounds to dress up and pretend to be somebody 
else, or sing some songs some people liked.

Plus, how can you criticise a system that gives Fred Dibnah an MBE? Who 
doesn't want to see him accepting that wearing a flat cap?

Although, the same system has honoured Alastair Campbell (knighthood?) 
for "service to parliament" which kind of suggests the outcome of the 
Kelly enquiry is going to make him look like a lovely bloke, really.

Paul Robinson

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