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Peter McGarvey fbsd-x at
Thu Jan 1 19:29:54 GMT 2004

* Frank Shute <frank at> [2004-01-01 03:45:28 GMT]:
> Yep. Shame the honour is somewhat demeaned by all the political
> patronage that goes on with the system though, and gongs given to a lot
> of worthless brown-nosers and actors </spit> (why?) 

Indeed, whilst browsning the honours lists on the BBC I noticed this

    Gary James Coutts. Stalker, Balmoral Estate. 

Novel idea, giving a stalker a gong rather than an restraining-order.

> Tim Berners-Lee *and* Cliff Richard, WTF?

Have a look at the list of them that have rejected honours...  A much
more rarefied stratum of society.


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