Manchester BSDUG: Tuesday 2nd March

Sam Smith S at
Mon Feb 23 11:37:55 GMT 2004

The next Manchester BSD User Group meeting will be Tuesday
2nd March in the Lass O'Gowrie at 7:30.

Further details are at

I will not be present, as I'm in a show round the corner at
the Dancehouse Theatre. MUGSS are presenting Princess
Ida from 2-6th March (plus dates in Colywn Bay and Kirkby
Lonsdale). Ida consists of 3 acts written in blank verse, is
based on Tennyson's poem "The Princess", written in blank
verse. The show has been interpretted in a slightly modern
but medieval style - something like a cross between the
Princess Bride and Alice in Wonderland.  Tickets are =A37 (=A34
concessions; =A310/=A37 Saturday evening).

  For tickets or more information, ask me or visit


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