open office precompiled?

Ben Paley ben at
Thu Feb 19 19:51:05 GMT 2004

On Thursday 19 February 2004 12:00 pm, freebsd-users-request at 

> >  i've
> > tried compiling 1.1 on freebsd 5.2, but unfortunately it failed after
> > about 15hrs compiling.  needless to say i was not amused.
> I can imagine! :-)  I took >24hrs on my PIII 500MHz laptop.

36 for me - is that a record?

> I stopped tracking -current at the beginning of Feb when the threading
> libraries changed and I would need to compile all 1300 ports (~1 week of
> compilation :-).

It wasn't quite as traumatic, or time consuming, as all that. In fact, it was 
pretty painless for me (and I'm really too ignorant to be running -current at 
all) - my major panic turned out to be a corrupted pkgdb


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