Bridge / routing query

Steve Greenshaw steve at
Tue Feb 17 11:06:46 GMT 2004


I have a 4.9 box set up with the following:

111.222.333.0/24   111.222.333.444    ipfilter       UNNUMBERED
INTERNET ===========   fxp0  ============== fxp1 ======== SERVER

fxp0: Connected to router, public ip
fxp0 <=bridge=> fxp1
fxp1: unnumbered interface
server: public ip, connected to fxp1.
fxp2: private net

ipfilter used on bridge and to provide NAT for private net

The problem is that even though I can access the server from the internet no
problem, and from devices on the same side of the bridge as fxp0, I cannot
access the server from the private net - which I need to be able to do.

I've even opened up the firewall rules to allow any to any just in case
there was something there.
I can ping the server when logged on to the FreeBSD box.

The bridging is compiled into the kernel, not the module.

Could anybody offer any clues as to why I can't access the server from my
private network, or if it is possible?



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