ls mystery

Michael Abbott michael at
Tue Feb 17 11:00:39 GMT 2004

> Although unfortunately this is one case where Linux looks less broken
> than FreeBSD.  A plain 'ls x' will work, since that just needs to read
> the directory, but anything that needs to stat() the files within it
> (including ls -l, ls -F, ls -G) will fail (correctly, because of the
> permissions) but without any error message. :-(

Aha!  All is explained.

	$ ls x
	$ (unset CLICOLOR; ls x)

This also explains the behaviour seen by Frank Shute, where bypassing the
alias turned off colour (for him) and enabled the output.  For me I have
to unsed an environment variable.

This seems mildly broken in fBSD, but of *very* long standing I suspect!

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