ls mystery

Frank Shute frank at
Mon Feb 16 01:04:39 GMT 2004

# ls -al /usr/ports/distfiles | grep xc
drw-r--r--   2 root   wheel       512 Oct 31 03:03 xc

$ ls -al /usr/ports/distfiles/xc


$ ls -al /usr/ports/distfiles/


# ls -al /usr/ports/distfiles/xc


# chmod 755 /usr/ports/distfiles/xc

$ ls -al /usr/ports/distfiles/xc


Why can't I read the dir as a user (group wheel) with permissions of
644 but I can with permissions of 755? What the hell have the
executable bits got to do with reading a dir? I'm confused... :(

$ uname -r


I think I saw some ls stuff going in when I cvs-upped the other night
to 4.9 RELEASE. Anybody aware of a problem or am I getting something



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