802.11g and 5.X

Simon Dick simond at irrelevant.org
Thu Feb 12 14:06:43 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-12 at 13:52, Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 01:41:52PM +0000, Simon Dick wrote:
> > I've just ordered a $99 mini pci a/b/g card recently, just crossing my
> > fingers that it'll work, it's an atheros chipset at least :)
> Well, despite what HARDWARE.TXT says, nobody can get the D-Link card I noted 
> before to work. Therefore, I'm at a bit of a loss to get an 802.11g card, 
> and it looks like an old-school b card is what I'll end up ordering. Ho-hum.

Strange, but this is the nearest bit of useful info I've found on that:

The card I'm getting seems to be supported, if not I can use the NDIS
driver hack until it's supported natively I guess.

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