ttmkfdir, libgnugetopt and so on

Mark Ovens mark at
Mon Feb 9 21:18:20 GMT 2004

Ben Paley wrote:

>> That won't work either.
> It actually did work, though I guess it's not a long term solution (treating 

Glad it worked for you, didn't for me :-(

> the symptom and not the cause)... in my haste to upgrade all the kde stuff 
> I've managed to totally bugger things up, however... that'll teach me to 
> ignore UPDATING *and* heads-ups on the current list...

Ah, bet you did the same as me? Did an installworld *before* 
installkernel and reboot, then nothing would run, right?

You can recover it using the ISO images burned to CD. You said you were 
on 56K dial-up so it's not practical to d/l them but, if you haven't 
rebuilt your system, I can pop a set in the post to you (I've finished 
with them now ;-) )

> ...but that's another story. Thanks for all the help.
> Cheers,
> Ben
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