FW: HELP: FreeBSD 5.2 crashing when doing fsck?

William Cooper williamcooper at data-storm.net
Sun Feb 1 22:22:59 GMT 2004

Oh okay,

Might be worth telling me what cubfm is and where I might be able to
find them :)?



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On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 10:09:07PM -0000, William Cooper wrote:
> Hello,
> If you checked out the first email I sent I mentioned the motherboard
> make/model, the Abit BP6 comes with 4 IDE ports so I can have 8 IDE
> devices if I wish.

Sorry, I guess I missed that.

> The comments I saw on e-buyer was mostly if not all good, apart from
> odd DOA comment.
> I must stress that the setup on the box now is only ONE 20 GB disk
> has FreeBSD 5.2 installed on it, as I wanted to isolate the problem so
> started to remove hardware. Also when the machine tried to fsck 4
> disks it wasn't the quickest of things.
> As mentioned in a lot of the other emails, it seems the fsck_ufs and
> fsck processes that go into the background after booting up are
> the problem, I may be wrong but only when I kill -9 these processes
> the box runs without a hitch. Before the machine wouldn't last 40
> minutes, at the moment it's been running for 10 hours and counting
> (because I killed the above processes at the start). Of course I
> not do this every time I have to reboot it :)

As you say it sounds like the background fsck. Isn't that a new
feature in the 5 branch along with the filesystem itself? If so maybe
it's buggy.

> Thanks for your help,

Sorry William, I haven't been much help at all :(

Maybe some of the folks on cubfm might have come across your problem
and it might be worth posting there.




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