HELP: FreeBSD 5.2 crashing when doing fsck?

Frank Shute frank at
Sun Feb 1 21:57:27 GMT 2004

On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 04:29:07PM -0000, William Cooper wrote:
> Hi,
> When I had all five disks in (20,120,120,120,120), there wasn't any sort
> of raid setup, just big partitions on each and mounted under /mnt as
> fsdsk1, fsdsk2 etc. But because of the problems and very long boot up
> times, I'm sticking to the one 20 GB install disk.
> I haven't been swapping a lot of the disks about; the last change was
> just removing the large storage disks as described above.
> These are Maxtor Diamond disks, I have heard about naughty IBM drives
> though :)
> Thanks for your help,

You had 5 IDE disks installed? 2 masters, 2 slaves and one....? I
thought you could only have 4 IDE disks installed under normal
circumstances ie. 2 channels with 2 disks on each, or have things
changed? Apologies in advance for my ignorance, I don't really follow

BTW, it looks like these disks aren't sensational if these comments
are anything to go by:



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