Disc Imaging

Pete Carss itinerant at mac.com
Sun Feb 1 17:51:17 GMT 2004

Hello there, I'm new to this list, not to FreeBSD though...

isn't this what growfs is designed for...I'm not sure, I've been trying 
to do a similar thing:

	I put a 10Gb HD with XP from my laptop in a firewire case, put a new 
20Gb HD in the laptop and put FreeBSD 5.2 on it...(pretty sweet with 
laptops now). I can mount the XP Drive in the Firewire case read only, 
and managed to dd the partition onto a partition on the 20Gb disk of 
exactly the same size...now this boots ok - I get the windows OS 
chooser, but choosing XP gives BSOD. So I'm looking for another way...

I also want to move this whole FreeBSD build onto a Desktop 
machine...any ideas...the handbooks kinda suggest that this is what 
growfs will do...



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