HELP: FreeBSD 5.2 crashing when doing fsck?

William Cooper williamcooper at
Sun Feb 1 16:25:49 GMT 2004

First off with overheating, I'm pretty sure about the heatsink and fans
working, I will hook up some sort of monitor to check the state inside
the machine, but in general its pretty cool from checking in bios and
such. All fans seem to function properly.

The power supply is a 550w job, pretty new too. Please remember because
the boot ups were taking so long (fscking 4x 120gb disks) I removed them
and now only running the one 20gb 'install' disk, but the problem

Thanks for your time.



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On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 11:33:28AM -0000, William Cooper wrote:

> That was a nice temp fix, rebooted the machine after the fsck and
> normally, no problems -- I even transferred a few large files over
> to see if anything would crash but it was fine. <40 minutes later, I
> found it crashed again, no error messages, no weird processes running
> Could this be a hardware problem? Its almost like the disk is timing
> or something :/
> Any more suggestions are welcome. 

Sounds to me like it may be overheating -- check that all the fans are
working, that heat sinks have not come adrift from CPUs and other
sensitive parts and that air vents are not clogged by dust.

Try running something like xmbmon to monitor the CPU and on-board
temperature.  Hooking up mbmon to rrdtool or mrtg to graph the state
of the system over time is a really good idea, and worth just doing

Another possibility is that the power supply is either not big enough
for your system, or is flaking out.  If the supplied voltages aren't
in spec, you can see that sort of effect.



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